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Timeless Productivity


Did you know jugglers actually have bigger brains? Juggling helps the brain create more white matter, the cabling network of the brain.

Learning how to juggle helps us reframe our mindset on failure. In the process of juggling we WILL drop a ball. In this case there’s no failure. Just feedback. This is a great metaphor for our life’s “Maybe failure is not the opposite of success, Maybe it’s part of it.”

Just like a child learning how to walk falls 3, 4, 500 times. They don’t say “I failed at walking, I’m not going to do it.” But sometimes as adults we do just that. These BRĀIN BALLS will help you reframe that mindset because we believe that the way you do anything is the way you do everything.

So get good at doing difficult things, so you can embody the confidence to navigate challenges in the real world.


- Outer: 12-panel black PU synthetic leather

- Filling: Natural millet seeds

- Reframes "failure"

- Overcomes procrastination

- Instant gratifying results

*Care Instructions:

- Use often

- Do not neglect

- Keep a sufficient supply of Love


Made In Pakistan