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Transcending Identity to its Upmost State

It’s Not Just Hair - It’s Heart

Renovated Esthetics has always been about heart. Despite our commitment to renovating and enhancing every aspect of our lives, our principles remain the same. 

They say confidence is the best accessory; we believe it’s an essential. Whether you’re trying to break into the hair industry or simply looking to upgrade your appearance, we have tailored haircuts, timeless garments and proactive pieces, along with a supportive community to make it happen.

To reinforce our commitment to the greater good, we donate 3% of our profits to Cure SMA. So when you support Renovated Esthetics, you contribute to a worthwhile cause - one that works to create a world without spinal muscular atrophy.


What We Offer

Tailored Hair Services for the community

Got a specific look in mind? Or maybe you’re looking for a big change to match the changes happening in your life.

Our hair services are tailored to you and your needs, allowing us to give you a haircut you love and the confidence you value.

Mentorship for Aspiring Barbers/Hairstylists

For us, from us.

We aim to support aspiring hairstylists, providing a safe space for them to learn, grow, and succeed. We know the business because we’ve been here for years.

Timeless Garments & Tools

Your style is a representation of you, so we encourage you to embrace it with our timeless garments and proactive tools that boost your productivity.

Our products are designed to also boost your confidence, so you can live your best life in a way that is uniquely you.

Join the RNVTD team, today. Where we shave away the negativity, trim the criticism, and thrive on the buzz from following your passions.

We’re always in your corner, sharing your losses and celebrating your wins as if they’re our own.

About the Founder

About the Founder

Josué "Sway" Navarro-Barraza

About the Founder

How a Pair of Clippers Led to a Calling

For Josué (“Sway”) Navarro Barraza, it was never just about hair, that’s been clear from the start. In the beginning, it was a means to an end.

Little did he know it would open the door to possibilities he could have never imagined.

Born in Durango, Mexico, Sway moved to the humble town of Amarillo, Texas when he was 5. Unable to apply for a job without social security, he stumbled upon a pair of clippers (don’t worry - not literally!) and started cutting hair when he was in high school to help his single mother, charging five to ten dollars per haircut in his 200-square-foot bedroom.

He soon developed a love for the craft, approaching each client like a canvas on which to create artwork. Every snip was like a stroke of a paintbrush, every cut like another work of art.

Continuing to pursue his passion, Sway enrolled in the Lubbock Hair Academy in 2012, where he connected with other barbers worldwide.

Just like his clients who felt most fulfilled on the court, Sway found his confidence holding a pair of clippers. He felt an indescribable, swelling sensation, his body’s way of communicating that he was fulfilling his purpose.

Now, Sway wants to help others do the same. He aims to support aspiring barbers and hairstylists on their journeys, imparting his knowledge and techniques. In the same way, Renovated Esthetics achieves its mission by encouraging everyone to be the best version of themselves.